Aunt Fee in Nepal

Zum zweiten Mal haben wir einen Berater auf Zeit bei NCF Nepal in Pokhara.
Nach Izabella in 2014, unterstützt Fee nun für 5 Monate im Marketing und Verwaltung.

Im aktuellen Newsletter von NCF stellt sich Aunt Fee vor:

“End of last year I took the decision that I would like to do something different. I used to work for different industrial enterprises for the last 8 years and now I decided that it would be time for a social sabbatical to do something good. So finally, I traveled across the world to volunteer for an organization that is known as “Namaste Community Foundation, Pokhara” for five months in the beginning of May. To bring in my professional experience in helping in administration as supporting with annual reports, fundraising, updating website, generating a new presentation to present the whole foundation as well as presenting each dedicated program to support NCF to go a step further, translating official documents, writing biographies for each of the kids to be send to the godparents. Beside the administration work, for sure, I will also take some time to support the children home by playing with the kids, assisting in the kitchen at mealtimes, teaching and just having fun with them. Now I have already halftime and so far, I have the strong feeling that Namaste Community Foundation and especially the Children’s House is a place so full of love and laughter. The house mothers and “didis” do a great job providing guidance, love, and support to each of the kids – a true family experience. Working with the staff is an incredibly inspiring experience. Since the beginning the kids are calling me “Auntie Fee” and it is always nice to reach the children home and get greeted with a lot of smiling faces. I will do my best to support the organization during my remaining stay with my knowledge. I am happy to get the opportunity to play a small part in the building at Namaste Community Foundation.”
Always your Aunt Fee

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